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Punternet biz looks at the independent escort trade from the punters point of view to show you that paid sex is actually quite acceptable. It is a question that a lot of men want answered and we are glad to say that now many men find it acceptable to visit an independent escort since the taboo factor has been removed. For those new to the game please have a look at punternet biz for an insight on how easy it is to pay for sex and have a great time. We will also be providing you with great information on where to meet some of the best uk independent escorts and escorts in London.


Click on the images to load the scenes or click on this link to become a member and see even more real life escorts on the daily jobs. We first meet up with UK escort Suzie who we have already punted for seconds. As usual we discuss what we will be doing and pay for the time of the escorts and the first scene shows how this is done.

Next this UK escort professional get the booking moving by doing a small striptease which includes lots of touching and rubbing to set the mood. After both parties are excitited the scene progresses to both of them taking their clothes off followed by a sensual OWO BJ (oral with a condom blow job) as this will ensure that the punter is fully aroused and ready for penetrative sex.

The escort booking session moves onto penetrative sex in the positions that bothe parties desire. In this case the punter is having bareback sex (sex without a condom) with the escort as they no each other well. However this practise is not advised and a condom should always be used as part of responsible sex.


Choose from our punting fast links even more girls that would like to reveal to you how the sex trade works including the contact details of many working girls in the UK.


If you did not fancy visiting a UK escort then you can always try our webcam sex chat performers who are as eager to please you as an escort and will make any of your fantasies come true. Click a random performer and go into a private sex session.