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Mr Punternet was looking through his local paper and when looking in the adult services section his attention was foocused on an ad for the UK escort by the name of Star. He immediately called star and booked an appointment with her for the evening at 8pm. After the phone call was over he also made a reservation for a room that cost him £5 for the night.

The punt got off to a good start as this hot UK escort turned up in long black coat which she asked me to remove. Being a gentleman I did and to my suprise saw that under this coat she was only wearing bra, panties and stocking.

Star threw me onto a chair and aggressively began to undress me and the pulled my cock out and began to suck it hard.

After 30 minutes of sucking my cock it was to the bed where I began to fuck her tight pussy and then finished in various sex positions.

Overal the punt with escort Star was really good and we have already arranged to meet again. Click here to meet this lovely escort to try her out yourself....


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